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Jordan Language

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The official language of Jordan is Arabic. English is widely spoken, especially in the cities, and many Jordanians have traveled or been educated abroad. French, German, Italian and Spanish are also spoken, but to a lesser extent.
There are several different conventions for transliterating Arabic into English, so the spelling of addresses, for example, may vary. In general, the sound of the words is a better guide than the spelling.
It's fun - and easier than you may think - to try speaking a few words of Arabic. Here are some to practice:
Yes - Na'am
No - Laa
Please - Min fadlak to a man, Min fadlik to a woman
Thank you Shukran
Hello Marhaba
Goodbye Ma'assalama
How much (price)? Aadesh?
If all else fails, try:
I don't speak Arabic
Ana laa ahkee Arabee.

Arabic numbers are easy to read - indeed, Western numerals are derived from the Arabic system. Unlike the words, Arabic numbers read from left to right. Here are the digits:


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