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Royal Air Maroc

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Major telephone numbers in the U.S. are:

General Information: (800) 292-0081
Scheduling Information: (800) 344-6726, (212) 750-6071
Ticket Information: (800) 974-3850

Major office telephone numbers in Morocco are as follows (preceded by "212" phoning from abroad):

Casablanca: Tel (02) 31 11 22; Fax (02) 44 24 09

Fez: Tel. (05) 62 55 16/17

Marrakesh: Tel. (04) 43 62 05/44 64 44; Fax (04) 44 60 02

Rabat: Tel (07) 70 97 00/72 35 16; Fax (07) 70 80 76

Tangier: Tel (09) 93 55 01/02/03; Fax (09) 93 26 81

Royal Air Maroc, the national airline of the Kingdom of Morocco serves international passengers on four continents. Once in Casablanca, you are cordially welcomed into the most luxurious air terminal in the world, the recently completed King Mohammed V Reception Building, aglow in marble, crystal and glass.

Applying,the highest standards of performance to every phase of our operation, from our ticket offices to our cockpits, to our dining services on board, has earned Royal Air Maroc a world-wide reputation for excellence on every route.

The moment you step aboard you are in Morocco. Immediately our flight attendants display that warmth and courtesy you will experience throughout your visit to our country. Our in flight service is among the best aloft, and our menus highlight many of the specialties that have made Moroccan cuisine a global favorite. Be sure to sample our rich Moroccan pastries and our light Moroccan wines. After all you are on a pleasure trip to one of the most colorful countries in the world. Enjoy.

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