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A New Paperless Travel Guide to the Middle East and North Africa is Now On-Line

For immediate release:

Date: Friday October 18, 1996
Contact: Walid B. Farhoud

Al-Musaafer, L.L.C.
1124 Eastlake Avenue East
Seattle, WA 98109 USA

After many months of hard work, the Al-Musaafer™ team is proud to announce the release of The Paperless Travel Guide to the Middle East and North Africa on the Internet. This innovative concept of promoting tourism through new technology has several benefits: a.) fulfilling the team's commitment and dedication to the people of this region b.) promoting tourism which will enhance the livelihood and the development of these countries c.) adding profitability to the tourist sectors and d.) establishing a business endeavor for the team.

This team consists of the following partners:


    Walid Farhoud: a native of the region, an Arab-American, specialist in Middle Eastern affairs, he is president of Middle East International (MEI) in Seattle since 1980, promoting technology and trade between the U.S. and the Arab world. He is responsible for international relations and coordination of marketing and promotion.
    Kamal El-Wattar: resident of Seattle, from an Egyptian family, president of Market Link International, an Internet and international business promotion service. He is responsible for technical coordination.
    Mike Lande:
    a Seattle native with extensive legal background, he is an attorney and a partner with the Seattle law firm of McDonald and Quackenbush. He is responsible for all legal issues.
    Marci Hillman:
    a Seattle native, office manager. She is responsible for coordinating material management on this website.



    Bishara Farhoud: Art Director.


With the assistance of ministries of tourism, tourist promotion offices, embassies and consulates of these countries, this website became a reality. The team is very thankful to all the help and the support they have received.

The first stage of this endeavor was to initiate both Egypt and Morocco (now on the Internet). The second stage is to extend it to include Jordan and Palestine/Israel (by January 1997). Third stage is to possibly include Tunisia, Syria, and Turkey.

Receiving more support from any interested party in the tourist sector by placing advertising material on this Internet site, will help in maintaining the website, and at the same time enhance its profitability.

Since it is the beginning of a long road, the team believes that there will be more development and improvements to this website in the future. By your reviewing this, the team will be thankful for any comments, suggestions, and recommendations.


©1996 Al-Musaafer,L.L.C.