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Thank you for taking the time to review The Paperless Travel Guide to the Middle East and North Africa(TM) (Al-Musaafer (TM) )as a new source for increasing business from travelers to your country. We use state of the art technology to make your information available to the millions of computer users and the thousands of businesses that utilize the Internet World Wide Web. More importantly, Al-Musaafer(TM) is advertised to travel agencies within the U.S.A. to assist them and their clients in obtaining full country portfolio prior to their departure.

You have probably heard of the tremendous growth of this computer network, and of the World Wide Web in particular. You may be wondering how your business can profit. Here are some of the benefits:

The unique thing about Al-Musaafer(TM) is its simplicity. You are not required to have a computer or an Internet connection nor have a computer specialist. Al-Musaafer(TM) takes care of these for you! This is your opportunity to enter this exciting new marketplace without any inconvenience or extra expense.

There are three options for your company to be listed (Rates):

A. General Listing: complementary listing with total discretion of Al-Musaafer for inclusion. Lists name only in appropriate index page. To be included click here to fill in the inclusion form.

B. GREEN DOT Listing: includes name of establishment, contact person, address, phone and fax numbers. The cost for this listing is USD 350 per year. A hyperlink to an already existing website is an additional USD 100 per year. Hyperlinked listings receive an asterisk (*) next to their name. To be included click here to fill in the inclusion form. For an example of GREEN DOT click here

C. RED DOT Advertisement: a detailed listing and full color photos with continuous reasonable updating of the listing. Advertisers under this category also receive the Green Dot Listing. "Hit statistics" which will indicate exactly how many people worldwide viewed your advertisement will be provided periodically. RED DOT Advertisement includes one page, 800 X 1100 pixels (up to 0.5 meg), 1 hyperlink to an existing website, and a connection to a reservation form (if applicable). Hyperlinked listings receive an asterisk (*) next to their name. The cost of this category is USD 700 per year. To be included click here to fill in the inclusion form.For an example of RED DOT click here

Web Site Design Al-Musaafer is capable to perform two additional tasks:
Web Site design
Placing the Website on the Internet as a separate file or hyperlink it to Al-Musaafer's site

E-mail us or write for quotes and requirements as mentioned below

To include your establishment in the Paperless Travel Guide give us a call at (206) 447 9170 / fax (206) 628 2993; or by e-mail to



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