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The American Dream

The cultural and linguistic diversity of the United States means that learning a language can these days be somewhat of an American Dream. With individuals from all over the world making up the vast U.S. population, itís the ideal place to study a new language as access to qualified, professional and experienced language teachers Ė operating in their native tongue Ė is easy to find and accessible to students wherever they may find themselves living.

Take, for instance, the German language. The history of immigration from Germany and German-speaking countries to the United States dates from the colonial epoch to the modern period, and the German influence on certain communities is still strong. Just have a look in any major city in late September for proof! The United States celebrates Oktoberfest throughout the country, and the events are mainly organised by German social clubs. The biggest can be found in Cincinnati, Ohio, but there are also sizeable celebrations in California, Colorado, Texas and Pennsylvania. Of course thatís not all there is to learn about German culture, and interested students can attend a German course Los Angeles, German course Miami or a German course Chicago, as well as numerous other German courses throughout all the states and cities, to learn more about German language and culture.

Other popular language study options in Chicago and Miami are Italian and Spanish. The United States has a strong link with the Spanish language due to the strength of immigration from Mexico and the countries of Latin America, and the level of Spanish courses offered in the U.S.A. is exceptionally high. There is also strength in numbers from the Italian community, as evidenced by the U.S. Census from 1900-1990. If you attend an Italian course Chicago or an Italian course Miami, you too can discover the difference that learning a language from a native speaker can mean for your pronunciation, cultural understanding and progress in a foreign language.


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