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Walid B. Farhoud on the Internet
Walid B. Farhoud
on the Internet

Walid B. Farhoud in the Media
Walid B. Farhoud
in the Media

Crazy things some translators do

Feedback from our best


It is my pleasure to write a letter to discuss the work performed by Mr. Walid Farhoud and the nature of his relationship with our Office during these past 3 years.

We retained Mr. Farhoud in 2015 to assist us with a very serious and extended criminal case filed in the U.S. District Court in Phoenix, Arizona, where the government alleged terrorism-related crimes against a Syrian National brought to Arizona for prosecution. The discovery provided by the prosecution was extensive and it included tens of thousands of pages of documents, a large portion of which were email communications written in Arabic.

The discovery process did not go smoothly and documents were often provided by the prosecution on short notice. Mr. Farhoud was nevertheless always up to the task of quickly translating the materials. He clearly understood the importance of his work to the preparation of the Defendant's case and he consistently made time in his very busy schedule to ensure that the translations were completed and in our hands on time for us to be able to use them in Court.

In addition to the work we sent for translations, it was also necessary to have Mr. Farhoud travel to Phoenix on several occasions to review materials in our Office, to participate in lengthy defense team meetings, and to assist us in understanding the nuances of the relevant documents and communications.

Furthermore, Mr. Farhoud was also flown to Phoenix several times to accompany the defense team to inspect physical evidence at the main headquarters of the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Mr. Farhoud's on the spot analysis of all of those Arabic documents was an important aspect of that reviewing process.

In short, Mr. Farhoud played a crucial role in the preparation of the defense in this very serious Federal case and he was a key part of the defense team. He was always there when we needed him and we needed him often. We simply could not have proceeded without his assistance. His good nature, his demeanor, and his strong work ethic made it a pleasure working with him under very difficult circumstances.

In closing, should we ever find that we require his services in the future, we will certainly retain him again.

-- Gregory A. Bartolomei
Supervisor - Asst. Federal Public Defender


I used Walid Farhoud. Fabulous. He is the best and was recommended to me by Martha Cohen of KC Interpreter Svcs. He is a delight to work with, too. A Very bright fellow.

I heartily recommend him. His rates were fair and reasonable.

-- Andrew


Middle East International Services was professional, reasonable and accurate. We will use their services for future translation needs.

-- Danielle Rebar
Web Site and Publications Manager
Northwest Justice Project


Arabic interpreter Walid Farhoud regularly provides interpreter services for Seattle Municipal Court. He is extremely reliable, conscientious and pleasure to work with.

-- Emma Garkavi


Mr. Farhoud’s services were excellent and done in a professional manner. His services were an integral part of our successfully obtaining immigration benefits on behalf of our client.

-- Henry Cruz
Rios & Cruz, P.S.


Walid provided Arabic translation services for a brochure that needed to be distributed in Morocco. He was able to turn around our project in a short amount of time while maintaining professional services and a very high quality product. I definitely recommend him and would use his talents again.

-- Karen Holum
Creative Director
One World 2011


Dear Walid Farhoud,

Thank you for presenting the 2009 UMTIA (UPPER MIDWEST TRANSLATORS AND INTERPRETERS ASSOCIATION) Conference. We greatly appreciate your willingness to share your expertise with our attendees and your valuable contribution to making this year's conference a great success.

-- Sincerely,
Jennifer Sunness and Tara Gibbs
June 20-21, 2009


Translation into Arabic: Learning how to Learn

Dear Walid,

I really do appreciate the hard work you have put in on this.
I look forward to working with you on further projects in the future.
Great job!

-- Sincerely,
Marty Tofil
ABLE International


Hey Walid-

Thanks again for such quick turn-around.

-- Creative Media Design
One Destiny Productions
New York, NY


Dear Walid,

Thank you very much for your efforts and for for your prompt response.
I really appreciate it.

-- Assistant Planner
Shapouri & Associates


"I had the pleasure of working with Walid Farhoud for several weeks during my representation of several Eqyptian crewmemebers and officers. Although I have worked with a number of interpreters during my years as an attorney, I cannot recall ever enjoying my working relationship with an interpreter as much."

"I cannot say enough fine things about Walid professionally or personally."

"I recommend him without reservation...."

-- Laurence B. Finegold, P.S.


The United States Coast Guard and the United States Department of Justice are investigating ships operated by National Navigation Company M/V Edfu and Esna to determine whether the ships or their crews have violated the MARPOL rules on polluting the oceans. (December 2007)

"You provide top quality assistance on short notice, were well received by the crewmen."

-- Irwin H. Schwartz, Attorney


Mr. Farhoud proved himself to be cooperative, knowledgeable and flexible. He traveled on very short notice to attend the trial here in New York. While in this court, he worked in tandem with another Arabic interpreter as an effective team-mate, consulting on terminology and other matters. The trial schedule was interrupted several times and he accommodated his schedule to the court's, permitting the trial to proceed without interruption.

The judge, defendant, counsel and the undersigned were very pleased with Mr. Farhoud's service. I would not hesitate to recommend him for any federal court assignment.

-- Nancy Festinger
Chief Interpreter
US District Court, Southern District of New York


Thanks again for your assistance with this matter. I must mention to you that Atty Malone was very pleased with your work and the quick turn-around in interpreting the various CDs in this case.

Thanks again for working so diligently on this matter. It was truly appreciated. In the future, if we should ever require your services again, we will surely give you a call and we will also highly recommend you to others.

-- Federal Defender Services of Wis., Inc.
517 E. Wisconsin Avenue, Suite 182
Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53202


Hi Walid,
Thank you very much for the quick turnaround time.

-- Anil Nair, Senior Manager, HW Quality
Isilon Systems


I can give an example of the fine work of Walid Farhoud with whom I have spent the past week-and-a-half in the Matosich v. Hussein Alzeir personal injury jury trial. He really impressed me with his skill, his hard work and his humor. After a witness had referred to someone on a jobsite as the “big dog”, I asked Mr. Farhoud if he’d translated it literally or into a colloquialism. He said the latter. The next witness was a fast talking forensic economist who, in explaining his calculations, used the French word “voila” only he substituted “Walla Walla” for it. When he did this, Mr. Farhoud flashed me a wonderfully eloquent smile and rolling of the eyes as he proceeded to translate without a moment’s hesitation!

-- King County Superior Court Judge
Seattle, Washington


Mr. Farhoud serving as interpreter in State v. Al-Derawi. He was excellent.

-- King County Superior Court Judge
Seattle, Washington


Dear Walid,

You have done an excellent job. Thank you for your contribution.

-- Faouzi Sefrioui


Dear Walid,

The training was a huge success. All participants were impressed with your work of the Arabic and Hebrew translation of the manual "Accommodation for Violent Dying".

-- Dr. Ted Rynearson


"The Middle East Media Tour to Washington State, Arizona and Southern California was a great success. You were an excellent interpreter and a wonderful person to work with."

-- The Boeing Company
International & Sales Communications


"I am so impressed by the superb result you have created in such a short time! Congratulations on your success! And in 3 languages! You have worked a miracle, and I am deeply grateful."

-- Rich Fisher
Win Win Resolution


"We engaged Mr. Farhoud to provide 'Language Services' to our law firm in our defense of a terrorism prosecution...
Mr. Farhoud’s work was excellent and performed in prompt and confidential manner. He adhered to all deadlines and worked effectively under pressure. In fact, on a few occasions, Mr. Farhoud traveled from his home in Seattle to our office in Boise, Idaho on extremely short notice to assist us with significant project requiring immediate assistance.
Our client... was acquitted of terrorism charges following an eight week trial and is now with his wife and three small children in Saudi Aarabia.
I recommend the services of Mr. Farhoud without hesitation or qualification."

-- Scott McKay
Nevin, Benjamin & McKay, LLP
Boise, Idaho


"Mr. Farhoud is an outstanding interpreter. I have complete confidence in his accuracy and professionalism. He is entrusted with the most sensitive of matters without pause. He enjoys the confidence of all who work with him. I recommend his services without reservation."

-- Thomas W. Hillier, II
Director of the Federal Public Defenders
Western District of Washington


"Mr. Farhoud's work is exceptional. He has an outstanding intellect, is very detail oriented and has a keen sense of human nature and the human condition. His attention to ethical concerns such as confidentiality, impartiality and avoiding conflicts of interest is impeccable and above reproach. He has functioned in some of the most demanding situations with poise and professionalism. He is extremely sensitive to those around him at all levels of the justice system and his well rounded interaction with others has served as model for other interpreters. He is flexible, adaptable and resourceful, all qualities that have served him well in his work as an interpreter. In addition, his personality and professionalism have earned him high praise from judges and attorneys.

I would not hesitate to recommend him for any interpreting situation."

-- Martha N. Cohen
Manager, Interpreter Services
King County Superior Court
Seattle, Washington


"Their sensitivity to nuances in both English and Arabic, combined with their flair for typography have enhanced our publication's competitive edge."

-- Publisher, Study in the USA


"Personally, I have found you to be intelligent, honest, possessing of high moral and ethical principles, and very easy to work with --- I have learned a great deal from you."

-- Far Star Trading Company, Ltd.


"I am very impressed by your speed, diligence and extent of your contacts in the Middle East and North African region."

-- Susa International, Inc.

"Professional, efficient and accurate."

-- Management Advisory Services,
A Division of Moss Adams.


"Walid Farhoud has done a great job with his translation services...Thanks Walid."

-- Paul Schneiderman,
Attorney at Law.


"Your translation and support are very appreciated."

-- Kamal al-Wattar,
Global Nomads Group.


US District Court, Mr. Jim Kelly, Interpretation disk (206) 553-5598

Superior Court, Ms. Martha Cohen, Interpretation office (206) 296-9358

Immigration Court, Ms. Rose Crittenden (Berlitz) 1-888-241-9149

Federal Public Defenders', Mr. Mike Larson, (206) 553-1100

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