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North African Dialect



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1) Identify each verb tense and conjugate it in the Perfect, Imperfect, future and Imperative.


شنُُو(آشْ) تَتِخْدِمْ أَسَمِيْر؟


وْشنُُو(آشْ) تَتِقْرَا فِي الجَامْعَة ؟


تَنِدْرِس (تَنِقْرَا) تِجَارة.


فُوقَاشْ غَادِي تْخَرَّجْ ؟


ألله يْوَفِقْكم وِيْنَجِّحْكُم فِي قْرَايِتْكُم


2) Put the following with all personal Pronouns :

شْنُو (آشْ) سْمِيْتَك ؟

وْشْكُونْ أِنْتَ ؟

شْنُو (آشْ) سْمِيْتْ العَائِلَه دْيَالَكْ ؟


3) Translate the following phrases:

وَاش كَتِسْكِن فِي الربَاط ؟

فِينْ كَتِسْكِن ؟

آش كَتِعْمَل / كَتَعْمْلِي / كَتَعْمْلُوا

آش كَتَقْرَا ؟ آش كَتَقْرِي / آشْ كَتَقْرُوا


مْنِيْن إنْتَ / إِنْتِ / إِنْتُمَ ؟

أَنَا مِن فَاس / حْنَا مِن الدار البيضَا .

أَنَا سَاكِن فِ لِمْرِيْكَان / أَنا مْرِيْكَانِي



2) Usages of the word Allah in Moroccan Dialect:

ألله يْوَفِقْكم وِيْنَجِّحْكُم فِي قْرَايِتْكُم May Allah grant you success in your studies

Used with students who are attending school / university

الله يْهَنِّيْك / يْهَنِّيْكِ / يْهَنُّيْكُمMay Allah give you peace and success

Used with departing person or a person who starts a new business or purchased something of great value or  with a person just got married.

الله يْعُون / الله يْعَوْنَك / الله يْعَاوْنِك / الله يْعَاوِنْكُم .May Allah help you

Used with someone going to work or with someone who lost something or response to a negative statement.

إن شَاءَ اللهIf Allah wills

Future is in the hands of Allah. It is used with making a futuristic plans.

تَبَارَك الله عَلِيْك / عَلِيْكِ / عَلِيْكُم .The blessing of Allah be upon you

Used as a compliment on an accomplishment or extra knowledge.

الله يْبَارِك فِيكْ / فِيْكِ / فِيْكُم .May Allah blesses you

مَبرُوك  A response for

بَارَك الله فِيْكْ / فِيْكِ / فِيْكُم .May Allah blesses you

Used for thanking a person/persons who provided help or assistance to the sayer.

الله يِخْلِف / خَلَفَ الله عَلِيْكْ / عَلِيْكِ / عَلِيْكُم .

May Allah return returns it (your good deed) to you

Used for /persons who provided help or assistance or gift or favor.

الله يَعْطِيْك الصِّحَه / يَعْطِيْكِ / يَعْطِيْكُم .May Allah give you good health

Used when a person is sick or after a haircut or a bath or when wearing new clothes.

الله يْسَهِّل / الله يْسَهِّل عَلِيْكْ / عَلِيْكِ / عَلِيْكُم ...May Allah make it easy

Said to a person who is facing a difficulty or to a beggar when you cannot give him anything.

الله يِرْحَم وَالْدَك / الله يِرْحَم وَالْدِيْك .May Allah have mercy on your father/ parents

When asking someone for help or when thanking someone

الله يْسَلْمَك / يْسَلْمِك / يْسَلِّمْكُم ...May Allah grant you peace

A response to the prevous statement.

بِسم الله In the name of Allah

When initiating anything like eating, traveling, reading etc.



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