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Eastern Dialect

Colloquial Lesson 13

My childhood


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. . : . .

I was born in (19)60 in Haifa Palestine. My mother was happy because she got a groom (male) after four girls. My father was the only child and his house was filled with girls: My grandmother, three aunts, my mother and four girls. My father was very happy when I was born. He distributed sweets like Baklava and Kunafi for the people of the neighborhood. This day was like a wedding party.

. . . .


. . .

When I grew up and entered the day-care, my teacher liked me a lot but the principal was harsh and I was afraid of him a lot. I never saw him smiling or laughing. When I saw him in the street, I would run away and hide until he is gone.

, . . ( )


. . . .

When I entered (started) the elementary school I was very happy. I had many friends and I liked the school. The best teacher I had was my teacher Souad because she was beautiful, kind and interested in teaching us. From her I learned Arabic, from literature, poetry and writings. She has a great influence on me.

. . () () . .


. .

The sport teacher was (unbearable) and heavy blooded and likes to (put his nose) in things that he has nothing to do with. They also gave him the teaching job because he is from a large family.

( ) . . .



In my childhood I went to many trips with the school, with my friends and also with my father. My father used to like (going to trips) breathing fresh air. He used to take us always to the sea

. .


. .

One of these days, my uncle brought me a white small dog. I was the happiest (person) in the world because I like the house animals. The dog was the best friend. He sleeps by me in bed, used to eat with me and when I am unhappy or sick he will get upset and stays by me.

( ) . . , .


, . . , . , .

When I was small (young) I loved my sisters and brothers. My sisters used to help me a great deal because they are older than me. But my brothers were younger than me and I loved them a lot. When my father or mother or my grandfather or my uncle (father side) or my uncle (mother side) or my aunt (father side) or aunt (mother side) or grandmother give me money because I was the elder, I would feel compassionate with my brother and give them extra because it is not just for me to take a lot and for them to take a little.

In general, my childhood was very good and its memories are excellent. There was love, warmth and good family and beautiful neighbors and great teachers and friends who still are as of today the dearest people to me.

. . . () () . () . . .



I am lucky because my childhood was beautiful except there are many deprived children, their families are very poor and I used to share with them my food and help them in their studies. Today they are successful men and from the best of friends.

. . .


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