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أَفْعَل : (وزن أَفْعَل لِلتَّفْضِيْل ) Comperative and Superlative Case

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        هَدَا المَطْعَم أَحْسَنْ مِن هَدَاك .This restaurant is better than that (one)

      هَاي البِنْتْ أَحْسَن مِن أَخْتْهَا This girl is better than her sister

      هَدولا لِولاد أَحْسَن مِن ولاد الجِيْرَان .

These boys are better than the boys of the neighbors.

        هَدُولا لِمْعَلْمَات أَحْلَىْ مِن مْعَلْمَات الرِّيَاضَه .

These (female) teachers are prettier than the sport (female teachers)

      هَدُولا البَقَرَات أَنْصَح مِن هَدُولاك لِخْيُول .

 These cows are fatter than those horses

      هَدَا المَطْعَمْ أَحْسَنْ شِيThis restaurant is the best


      هَدَا المَطْعَم مِن أَحْسَن المَطَاعِم .

This restaurant is the best among restaurants.

      هَدَا المَطْعَم أَحْسَنْ مَطْعَمْ فِي البَلَد .

This restaurant is the best in town


      مِيْن أَحْسَن لَحم الخَرُوف ولاّ لَحْم الجَاج ؟

Which is better the lamb meat or chicken meat?

      مِين أَحْسَن سَعِيْد وَلاّ أَخُوه .

Who is better Said or his brother

      مِين أَحْسَنْلَك تْسَافِر بِالسَّيَارَة وَلاّ فِي الترِين ؟

 Which is better (for you) to travel by car or by train


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